Silky Straight HD Closure

Silky Straight HD Closure

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Our HD Silky Straight Closure is the perfect way to finish off your hairstyle. The placement is on the top of your crown for a protective style and natural look.

Our HD Lace Closures are the perfect finishing touch to get the full look without leaving any of your hair out. Made with a durable lace mesh to ensure a long lasting product. HD Lace is thinner and softer in texture making it the BEST and most natural looking lace. This lace “melts” creating an illusion of real scalp. This is what started the, “WHAT LACE?!” movement. Get our undetectable lace today! This lace is in such a high demand there is a limited amount available. Get it while you can!!!

100% Virgin Hair can be curled, straightened, and dyed any color. Our extensions are true to length, tracks are reinforced double tracked machine wefts for long-lasting wear and no shedding. The ends are full and thick, no split ends. 

Customize your closure by bleaching the knots, tinting the lace, and/or plucking for desired finish. Please be careful, the lace is very delicate. Consult a professional stylist for best results.

Closures come in 4 different lengths (12”-18”). Each closure is a 4” x 4”, free-part, in a Natural Virgin unaltered color. Complete your install with our Body Wave closure. 

Number of bundles for a complete head:

10"-12" 2 bundles

14"-18" 3 bundles (check out our bundle deals)

20"-32" 4 bundles 

Hair Care

  1. Cleanse and condition the hair regularly with sulfate-free shampoo in warm water. Gently detangle the hair. Do not rub or twist the hair.
  2. Use a mild moisturizing conditioner, nothing to heavy to weigh the hair down. Blot excess water, do not twist.
  3. Wrap hair in a towel to gently soak up the water on it. Comb straight hair with a wide tooth comb, do not comb or brush curly hair, gently smooth with your fingers from top to end.
  4. Hang the hair with weft open to air dry. Then you will have your clean, fresh, soft beautiful hair.
  5. With proper care, your hair should last for 6-12 months.

Hair Care Tips

  • Do not use HIGH HEAT temperatures on the hair. It can cause damage to the hair and permanently alter the texture. Use styling products that are alcohol-free.
  • Put your hair up at night to prevent tangles. Use a scarf, bonnet, satin pillowcase. 
  • Cowash, substitute shampoo for conditioner. This is great for curly hair. Wash in a downward motion, working conditioner from top down. 
  • Combing: use a wide tooth comb for straight hair. Only use on curly hair while in water. Do not comb curly hair often while it is dry.
  • Always keep your extensions tangle free. Brush or comb gently to avoid excess tension. Always start from the bottom up, section by section.

We recommend letting a professional dye your hair and/or use the blonde, pre-bleached collection. For the best, long-lasting results, take care of the hair like it’s your own. 

All of our hair is high quality luxurious hair, if you are not completely satisfied we have a 100% money back guarantee.